Endodontic Procedure


We Provide Professional Endodontic Service

Your family dentist has referred you to Crescendo Dental to assist in your treatment. So it is our job to ensure that your clinical problem is addressed to the highest standard possible and that you have a wonderful experience here as our guest. It is important that your expectations are met, and your questions are answered before any endodontic procedure is carried out. Please feel free to express any concerns you might have at any time – before, during or after treatments.

Initial Consultation Appointment

Get all your questions answered

Dr. Wang is excited to meeting new patients and considers you a guest in our practice.

In most cases, your first visit here will be an initial consultation. During this visit, we will diagnose thoroughly and explain your options, the probable number of visits needed, and the fees involved. Digital X-rays or CBCT will be taken to help make the diagnosis, but no treatment will be carried out. This initial consultation may last about 30 – 45 min.  

If you choose to proceed with the treatment, an appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible. Let us reassure you that should our evaluation indicate that root canal treatment would not benefit you, we will openly advise you of this and not recommend treatment.

Please continue taking your regular medications as prescribed by your physicians, unless instructed otherwise. It is important to bring a comprehensive list of your medications along with their respective dosages. Additionally, kindly inform us of any allergies you may have. 

If your physician or dentist has advised you to undergo antibiotic pre-medication due to conditions such as mitral heart prolapse, congenital heart disease, or heart murmurs, please ensure that you are taking the appropriate antibiotic on the day of your appointment. 

If you can safely tolerate ibuprofen (Advil), it is recommended to take 400 mg of ibuprofen one hour prior to your root canal treatment. This can help reduce inflammation before undergoing the endodontic treatment.

Endodontic Treatment

We need to know before your treatment.

At Crescendo Dental, patients embarking on an endodontic treatment journey can expect comprehensive and personalized care. The treatment process, led by the expert endodontist Dr. Wang prioritizes meticulousness from start to finish. 

A thorough examination, including diagnostic tests and advanced imaging, forms the basis of identifying the scope of the dental concern. Precise micro-endodontics and microsurgeries are then carried out to effectively tackle root canal issues.

Patient’s comfort and well-being remain essential throughout, with individualized care and support provided at each step. Trust in the expertise of Crescendo Dental’s professionals and their cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes.

Post Treatment

Important steps after your treatment
Your endodontic treatment has now been completed. The root canal system has been thoroughly disinfected and permanently sealed. Your next step is to see your dentist for restoration, which may involve a crown and/or a build-up unless told differently by Dr. Wang or your dentist.  

A complete report of your treatment at our office will be e-mailed to your dentist.

Insurance & Financial Policy

Our Insurance and Financial Policy at Crescendo Dental ensures transparency and convenience for our patients. Endodontic fees are determined during the initial consultation, and you will receive a detailed estimate. Full payment is due at the time of service, and we assist with insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. We accept various payment options, including cash, VISA, MasterCard and debit cards to cater to your convenience.

Endodontic fees vary depending on the complexity and severity of the treatment needed. This will be determined at the time of your initial consultation appointment. Therefore, you will receive an estimate of anticipated charges before any treatment is performed.

We require a $300 deposit to secure your appointment. The deposit will be applied to your invoice and balance you will pay at the appointment.

Our policy is that full payment is due when the service is rendered. This is true even if your insurance policy will later reimburse you for procedures covered. Please note that insurance plans only cover a portion of specialist endodontic fees.

Insurance policies can be complicated and will help you claim your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures.

Claim forms will be carefully completed for you and processed upon completion of your treatment. Normally, you can expect to receive reimbursement directly from your insurance companies within a few weeks.

Our office accepts cash, VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay and debit cards.